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Coeur Bracelet Matte Yellow


The Coeur Bracelet Matte Yellow is a special piece because it gives a deeper, more earthy, solid tone, provided by the tiger eye's natural qualities. This is a gold plated piece with a very natural and classic look, but the beads' hazing provides a nice dispersal of color throughout the bracelet.

It is a fantastic choice for an evening outing or relaxing at home – it has a personality that can match any person. The wooden feel gives out a very classic, wood-like sensation, which is a fantastic match for the right lipstick or nail polish – it accentuates a lighter skin tone while not overshadowing any other accessories you might have.

At CLÉONE, we believe in the right of choice, which is why our collections and different selections provide various choices. The charm’s gold plating provides a lighter feel while also tying the different elements of the bracelet.

You cannot go wrong with the Yellow Tiger Eye as it is a classic approach to a bracelet, which, we believe, is suitable for a night out, summer evenings, or other special events. The classic look of this piece does not show you into a set style, and it gives you the freedom to pair it with a variety of other colors.

Bracelet Style

Beaded Bangle

Jewelry Colour

Matte Yellow

Bracelet Size

19.05 cm

Jewelry Material

Natural Matte Yellow Tiger Eye

Bead Round

8 mm


Gold Plated

Charm Size

5 mm



Product Code CLW05140019 Warranty 2 Years

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    Coeur Bracelet Matte Yellow