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About us

CLÉONE was founded with an ambitious objective: to offer women worldwide empowerment through designer watches and accessories at a revolutionary price and outstanding quality.

In each CLÉONE watch, we use love and beauty as an inspiration to express the very fundamental female sensuality. Each timepiece comes in a simple yet elegant design providing you with a luxurious choice suitable for a fashionable woman such as yourself.

We pride ourselves in the wide variety of luxury, stylish watches we created for women, watches that allow them to explore their innermost, sensual, feminine self. Each selection has been inspired by Excellence, with each diverse piece matching the nuances of feminine beauty – the natural creators of art and life itself.

We delved deeper into exploring what is feminine and came back with inspiration for providing the most outstanding quality women’s accessories and products.

Our team believes that self-expression is paramount to personal freedom and growth, and this is why we set out to create the best women’s watches and accessories out there.

To us, an accessory is much more than a fashion state. For us, it is an opportunity to explore the deep relationship that a woman has with beauty itself, a harmonious relationship between the nurturing and formidable natures each woman possesses.

This is why every watch has been crafted with the finest materials and technique, so you can enjoy a timepiece befit a queen. Our company walks in the steps of royal inspiration – each woman has her finger on the pulse of society as they are the guardians and creators of life.

When we began, it was our goal to produce premium watches for women, and now as we are on the precipice of a new era, we enforced our belief that the future is for women to thrive and succeed. We believe in the feminine power that we started a women’s only watch and accessory company that supports a woman’s right to self-expression and improvement.



We are proud to support women’s rights as we understand the need for balance, and thus we created true artwork in the form of a watch. Each item has been carefully crafted. The main ingredient was love towards what truly means to be a woman – a profound connection to creation, a cosmic dance of sensuality and beauty befitting a true queen.

Because we understand the true nature of a woman is more than a beautiful facade, but the fundamental of life itself, we set out to create something that matches a woman's gravitas and elegance. That is why all of our designer luxury watches look so pristine – a gentle, modest beauty that provides a lovely, feminine feel.

So we believe we have something suitable for everyone, something that each woman can recognize herself in, an intuitive beauty which accentuates the inner self and empowers self-expression and exploration.

Allow yourself to be beautiful, be sensual, allow yourself to be CLÉONE, and be inspired by Excellence.