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These are the age-old questions, and there are some things we can share with you, for that matter. As CLÉONE manufactures luxury watches and bracelets, we understand why they are such a loved accessory. They're versatile, they have a wide range of options, and they're stunning to look at. What more could you want from a piece of jewelry? Join us on the journey of discovering why bracelets are popular amongst women( and people in general).



This is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about why you have so many bracelets stashed in your jewelry box. These little accessories actually make a statement and great addition to every outfit. They bring character and color to the dullest outfits. Oftentimes their design is made to be worn equally to a gala and coffee out with your friends.

While luxury bracelets are often pictured as heavy with diamonds, some are made from very high-quality natural materials that are not necessarily diamonds and pearls. CLÉONE's bracelet collections have such in stock for those that like having mother nature's treasures on their wrist.



It's very likely to have some jewelry in your collection passed on from your mum or grandmother. Heirloom possessions are one of the most common and sentimental gestures a person can make. It's like passing a piece of history down to the following generations. This makes investing in good quality bracelets that much more important. It brings to light why you should never buy cheap jewelry that stains your skin and lasts about two months.

Getting that exceptional timepiece to pass on to your daughter and so on is vital for keeping family traditions intact.



Bracelets are a popular gift for many occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, Christmas, you name it. Especially getting someone their first luxury bracelet is a very special marking of a milestone. Buying jewelry might not be the most unique present, but it’s worth it if it’s picked out to be exclusive. Both women and men appreciate such an accessory because it’s something you get to look at all day long. So, it has to be special. Better yet, inspired by excellence.



We're not talking about the famous Stevie Wonder song. We're talking about the power of natural stones and materials that go into bracelets. Some of them are said to have healing powers and links to the subconscious mind. By wearing one, you balance out and enhance your mindfulness and senses. This is another reason for bracelets to be so popular right now. The earth has many stones and types of wood to deliver, so companies can take advantage and create genuinely stunning bracelets. We at CLÉONE know the power that materials derived from the bowels of nature have.

With that said, we hope we shone some light on the question as to why bracelets are popular jewelry amongst people for many, many centuries and current times, as well.

If you want to sneak peek at our bracelet collections, head over to the CLÉONE website and browse.