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From the moment you wake up to the moment you close your eyes again, the world demands something from you. It demands your attention. It demands your beauty – but what about your wants and needs?

In fact, life expects a lot from us, you have to sacrifice so much of yourself to provide to an outside environment, but there is a fragile world inside – a sensual nature that needs nurturing and care.

Women understand the delicate balance between inner and outer, an intuition that requires fines. While to the outside, it might seem that there is an attachment to physical possession, a woman knows the subtleties of life. It is our nature.

This article explores accessories' deeper meaning, showing that they are more than a mere attachment to items or clothes.



A woman’s intuition stems from her deep bond with the nature of reality, and it is an embodiment of the cosmic womb that created all life. She is a carrier of creation. It is no mystery why we choose to call it „mother nature“because it creates, fosters, and nurtures life most sublimely.

In fact, it is a most sincere bond between that which is yet to come and that which is – a dichotomy between the physical and nonphysical worlds. A woman’s body is innately an expression to that very gentle inner-self that is always looking for an expression, and an accessory is a way to show what is on the inside.

And while some find themselves stuck, some find the power to express the depths of their being in the most subtle ways. Exploring this relationship, we at Cleone Watches find a connection between the finite boundaries and the infinite – an expression that wants to come out in the right way.



It’s no wonder that we take more time to prepare for an event, a ball game, or a dinner with a loved one. To the best of our abilities, we need that time to manage this connection to the most sincere self. That is why an accessory can be more than just a physical possession; it is an eminence of what is true, and it gives us the power to make ourselves more powerful.

This is where we at Cleone draw the inspiration for all of our products. The fine lines of our selection are more than simply a design choice for the sake of a product, and this is an opportunity for every woman to give a voice to her true self.

We purposefully have made our selection in such a way as to capture the essence of the issue of women’s empowerment, and we find that the struggle goes deeper than history. It is the nature of the nurturing being, that which provides from itself, but it is a wanting and desiring creature.

Our team has chosen these designs in a way that gives a voice to the desires of the inner-self, an expression, and an opportunity for a woman to feel better in her body. Each piece has been crafted carefully to capture a beauty that is a finite essence, a great inspiration for sensuality, and an aesthetic impression of the sacred world inside.

It is for you to celebrate who you are and what you bring, make an impression through expression, and show what you really are without feeling vulnerable.

We at Cleone Watches understand the pressure of life and know that sometimes all you need to manage and thrive is the successful translation of the beauty that all women possess.

So we invite you to indulge in the exploration of this most fundamental essence of a woman, find yourself in what we provide, and empower your inner voice in a subtle yet striking way.