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The outside world is full of challenges, but there is a gentle dichotomy between what is on the outside and the quaint refuge of a woman’s true nature. When a challenge seems insurmountable in the difficult days, one can find a piece inside as it is a place of a woman's true nature.

Gentle, nurturing, and fostering, it is a place of growth and life, and when the world seems strange, one of how a woman can feel comfortable in it is when the inside comes to the outside. It is a place that yearns for expression, and one way of exploring this natural desire is by aesthetics – finding a match of the outside that fits the inside.

This is why women are drawn to dance, colors, and design because we all have a secret world inside which needs to come out – so we go for expression and impression through aesthetics. For us, it can mean many things, but accessories like watches and outfits, for example, are a way of showing one’s true self in a very secure way.



Matching an outfit with accessories is one of the golden rules of dressing properly. Otherwise, you would achieve the opposite rather than foster harmony between the different elements.

We go to aesthetics because something is wonderful when there is harmony, and true harmony is the understanding and beneficial relationship between differing entities.

In the case of outfits and accessories, a beautiful approach would be a harmonious marriage between form and color. This is exactly what we at CLÉONE watches are looking to achieve with our selection of elegant watches – a choice for every type of woman so she can express her true self.

Each woman has a deep connection to the harmony of life as she is the guardian of creation – so a nicely curated outfit would be an expression of this natural relationship. This is why we enjoy the beauty because it reminds us of a primeval truth of understanding.

When you are looking for a watch, you might find it suitable to go for something modest and universal as it would give you the flexibility of choice when accessorizing. Picking out an outfit has to be functional and beautiful – and what is better than different elements that complement each other.

For the best effect, you should probably go for a watch which allows you to combine it with differing colors, as it would only accentuate their aspects, while also drawing attention to its modesty.



While a universal watch with neutral colors and design is a great choice for everyday use, sometimes you need a little something special. Our Lueur D'espoir collection is a great example of a way to achieve a glamorous look without overdoing it – these types of watches go great with other jewelry or can be used as they are.

Sometimes we choose to forgo comfort for the sake of beauty with formal occasions, but with a nice watch, you won’t have to struggle, it should fit you nicely, and the comfort you feel will be shining from within. Everyone notices a confident, well put together woman who enjoys her own body –people recognize confidence in oneself, and it is an unmatched beauty.



At CLÉONE, understand that a watch for a woman is quite different from that for a man, which is why all of our collections focus on an aesthetic appeal, slim, elegant designs with modest yet effective aesthetics.

Indulge yourself and explore the relationship between your outside and inside and connect them through the beautiful aesthetic of CLÉONE watches.