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Finding yourself in a world that desires to be noticed, you understand that balance is an important part of self-preservation, and in fact, is the key to personal evolution. For a woman, a watch is something different than it is for a man. We find different things important as our nature is deeply connected to the essence of reality.

And thus, a woman understands that time is important – regardless if you are a busy mother with a household, a creator, or a business-oriented individual, we all need a chance to indulge in our own personal world.

So we look for ways to manage our lives, and even though everyone single one of us has a supercomputer in our pocket, we find watches an essential part of our ensemble.


We understand that each woman has an unseen nature, a private, quiet place inside that is reserved only for her, but it is a nature that requires an expression – a homage to its sacred place inside.

Each person is different and manages and explores that connection differently – our team cares to create more than just a product. We embarked on creating an experience of beauty and a gentle touch.

A watch can accentuate your figure, and it can bring attention to your eyes or your lips. It gives a figure to your wrist – a simple yet striking way of providing a secure aesthetic expression of who you really are.

This is why our team aims to create the best watches possible, a blend between functionality and beauty that resonates with your intimate understanding of yourself.

All women understand that time is of the essence, and while we care and provide for others, we sacrifice our own selves, the ultimate gift to the world. But there are times that we desire ourselves, the call of the creative nature that every sensual woman possesses.

CLÉONE's timepieces possess an elegance that allows every woman to recognize her own self, a gentle measure of time, and her own place of self-satisfaction – to be what she most desires. And yet, you can find a formidable strength, a resilience molded into a simple yet timely watch – matching not only the outside but also that which you most sincerely possess.



Some of you may know that the first-ever wristwatch was worn by Queen Elizabeth the First, the Queen of England, a true figure of the formidable strength that all women possess.

Since then, a watch has been an expression of the woman’s true role in the world. With each tick of the clock, she measures the world's pulses, providing a nurturing nature.

But a lot more, it allows you to show others that you are more than a beautiful smile, you show your connection and understanding of your true essence, and each person can recognize that you have refined yourself through time.

For us, it is an opportunity to grow and become better, and this is a celebration of our growing power and strength, of a time where a woman’s importance is truly shown.

So „No, “it’s not just for show, it is not only for someone else, it’s for you – it IS you. Our team recognizes that importance, which is why we created a timepiece like the Été Mesh Rose Colour, an elegant combination of a woman’s sensual essence and robustness, showing the power that each person possesses.

Find yourself in our collections, explore the depths of your inner self, and indulge in the timeless nature of your personal, creative spirit. With a simple choice, you can show everyone that you possess an intimate knowledge of more than just yourself – you understand a woman’s essence.