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The world of fashion is an extremely varied field, and there are many rich colors, designs, and patterns that can be utilized to achieve pretty much any effect.

This is accomplished by combining or aligning with a set of pallets, textiles, and styles and is also supplemented through accessories – hats, scarves, handbags, shoes, and watches.

This wide range of choices allows each woman to pick her own style, although it is true that fashion magazines and waves do, to some extent, dictate what is suitable and is undesirable. However, some classical choices have been in style for many years, and that’s for a good reason.

Even in the diversifying context of societies, there are some accessories like watches that have always had a value for a woman –and this is what we will be exploring today.



While it is true that the watch collecting hobby is predominantly male-dominated, many women choose to collect and wear watches simply because they are stylish.

At Cleone, we decided to create a collection of distinctly women’s watches and have achieved that by incorporating gentle, fine lines that match the female sensuality.

A watch can be many things; it can be used for telling time, but it can also double as a bracelet and even open doors to different accessories like specific ring combinations, tattoos, and nail polish. The watch has a very central part on a woman’s wrist, which is distinctly elegant, slim, and inviting – and the mark of a good woman’s watch accentuates these aspects.



All women have a subtle nature, a connection to creation itself as they are the bringers of life – this entails a very sensual, gentle understanding of life itself. This is a reality reserved only for a woman, but it is a reality searching for its embodiment in the outside world.

This is why women gravitate towards beautiful things because there is a beautiful, pristine nature inside, which drives them towards the aesthetic. An accessory is merely an expression of this relationship and is an important part of self-expression and spirit freedom.

The proper watch can be many things to a woman, but it can also be a companion in travel and life, as a means of putting forward that which is most important to her – beauty and harmony.

Suggesting that only one type of watch suitable for a woman would be unfair to individuality. A watch is an expression of an individual’s persona feelings. So the perfect watch really depends on the personal preference and aesthetic allegiances a woman has.

Some prefer fine lines, with small, rounded bevels, quaint and clean colors that allow for diversification. Others prefer classical looking watches with watch bands that are reminiscent of starlight. Either way, Cleone has a wide selection of timepieces and other accessories suitable for any occasion.



There are universal rules to fashion, colors that always go together flawlessly. Then some colors provide a provocative combination that draws the eyes to certain parts of the body.

Each watch design fits into a certain category, and in the same way, there are different color combinations for clothing, fitting watch designs, and pallets.

An everyday watch would allow you to wear anything with it, and it would be a modest, simple looking timepiece with color patterns and choices that are not too demanding or specific. They are characterized by unmatched cleanliness, which can be a blank canvass for you to pick and choose pretty much any style – from a t-shirt and jeans to a cocktail dress.

There are more specific types of watches, like our Rêveuse collection, which provides quite a lot of character to your already stunning outfit. A watch provides an unmatched sense of class and style to a woman, allowing her to elevate her elegance to another level.

Allow yourself to dream and accessorize freely, basking in the secure thought that whatever you choose would go great with one of CLEONE’s watches.